Part of specimen collected by E.Gauba from Macquarie Pass, S coast of NSW (AD98568828).

Detail of flower and buds from herbarium sheet.

Distribution map generated from Australia's Virtual Herbarium .


Solanum celatum A.R.Bean, Telopea 9: 658 (2001).

T: NSW, Central coast, Yellow Rock, Albion Park, 1 Oct 1967, E.J.McBarron 14479; holo: BRI; iso: NSW.

S. brownii auct. non Dunal: Symon, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 4: 249 (1981) p.p.


A detailed description of this species can be seen in the Bean interactive key to eastern Australian species of Solanum at

Distribution and ecology

Found in an area bounded by Wollongong and Nowra on the NSW coast and inland to the Bungonia Nature Reserve. It occurs in rainforest clearings or in wet sclerophyll forest with Eucalyptus.  


Part of the S. brownii complex of the S. macoorai group of subgen Leptostemonum (see Bean 2004).  It was treated as S. brownii until 2001, although Bean noted that some NSW specimens had been annotated as "sp. aff. brownii". 

Bounded by other members of the S. brownii complex, S. armourense to the north-west and S. silvestre to the south, S. celatum can be distinguished

Selected specimens

NSW: Macquarie Pass NP, SW of Wollongong, A.R.Bean 17158 (BRI, MEL, NSW); Bungonia Lookdown, Bungonia Recreation Reserve, E.Canning 4397 (CANB, NSW); Bungonia cave Reserve, Goulbourn, J.M.Swan 5 (AD, BRI).


Plant status, if any

Information on Solanum celatum as an endangered species in New South Wales can be found in the Schedules of the Threatened Species Conservation Act on the web page of NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

From the web

Further information for this species in NSW can be seen on the PlantNET site.