Solanum armourense A.R.Bean, Telopea 9: 656 (2001)

T: NSW, 0.5 km S of Mt Armour, Kanangra-Boyd NP, via Oberon, 19 Dec 2000, A.R.Bean 17140; holo: BRI; iso: CANB, MEL, NSW.

S. brownii auct. non Dunal; Symon, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 4: 249 (1981), p.p.


A detailed description of this species can be found in Bean's interactive key to the eastern Australian species at

Distribution and ecology

Confined to NSW in an area SW of Sydney between Yerranderie and Wombeyan and including the Kanangra Boyd NP. Found in eucalyptus forest on steep hillsides.


Part of the S. brownii complex. Thought to be most closely related to S. amblymerum from which it differs by

Considered by Bean (2004) to be a member of the S. macoorai group of subgen. Leptostemonum.




Plant status, if any

Information about Solanum armourense as an endangered species in New South Wales can be seen and downloaded from the Threatened Species site of the Department of Environment & Conservation in that state.

From the web

Further information and images of this species in NSW can be seen on the PlantNET site.