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With a family of such economic importance as Solanaceae there are increasingly numerous websites which have references to different aspects of the family and a search engine will soon give you access to a myriad of sites. Examples which are:

International Solanaceae Genome Project (SOL) a coordinated network of knowledge about the Solanaceae family – mostly at the genome level and heavily involved with economic Solanaceous species e.g. potato, tomato etc.  Nevertheless there is access to a newsletter and background information of general interest.

Solanaceae Source: a global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family can be found on the Natural History Museum, London site. This is a continually growing collaborative page and has links within most of the Solanum fact sheets.

Wikipedia: provides information and links to further background material on this family. It is particularly useful for economic plants.

For generating up to date distribution maps of the Australian species based on the holdings of all of the Australian herbaria, visit Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH). The latest version of this allows the plotting of subspecies and varieties. 

Almost all fact sheets have some web links within them, particularly to the further information provided by a number of the Australian herbaria such as FloraBase for the WA flora, PlantNET for NSW flora and the present eFloraSA web site for South Australian plants. Lots of other linkages have been made and these were current but apologies for those which have shifted or have been removed in the meantime. These can often be found again using a search engine.

DELTA keys

The treatment of the family Solanaceae on the Watson & Dallwitz Families of Flowering Plants page can be found here while their key to families can also be used by those who are uncertain which family they are dealing with.

Bean, A.R. 2005 onwards. Solanum species of Eastern Australia. Version: 8th October 2005. A.R.Bean’s interactive key to the Eastern Australian species of Solanum can be downloaded from http://delta-intkey.com/solanum/index.htm There are numerous linkages to this key within the individual Solanum fact sheets.

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