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Images of Solanaceae

Many of the images used in the key to illustrate taxa and character states were supplied to ABRS through the image collection of the Australian National Botanic Garden; photographers include Mike Crisp, Rosemary Purdie, Tim Low, Murray Fagg and Glenn Leiper.

Other photographs were supplied by A. (Tony) Robinson and Peter Canty of the Biological Survey of South Australia and by John Hosking of the NSW Department of Primary Industries in Tamworth.

Japan Tobacco Inc, publishers of The genus Nicotiana Illustrated, gave permission for the scanning and reproduction of Nicotiana images from this book. Claire Marks of the University of Melbourne Botany Department also provided some images of Nicotiana species.

A number of images were copied and used from Wikipedia on the understanding that they are available for use through the GNU Free Documentation License. Where possible the original photographer has been acknowledged in the caption to the image.

Further photographs were supplied by staff or associates of the State Herbarium of South Australia, Bill Barker, David Symon, Laurie Haegi and Bob Baldock (Nicotiana seeds).

Where the images have been used to illustrate taxa they have been fully acknowledged and copyrighted to the photographer; note however that those taken for the Australian Plant Image Index of the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra may well be copyright to the Botanic Gardens.

Disclaimer: Note that there may well be some misidentifications of the plants depicted in the images attached to the fact sheets. It is not always possible to be sure of identifications from photographs unless they are backed up by a vouchered specimen, and even then you need have access to an expert in the group. Colour rendition of flowers in photographs may also cause some problems in identification. See for instance the differently coloured flower in the images of Solanum ellipticum; the identification of this image needs to be checked.


Line drawing have been sourced from a number of already published works; artists include M. Szent Ivany and D. Symon (Solanum) and P. Horton (Nicotiana) in the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Betsy Osborn in Flora of Australia vol. 29, Laurie Haegi (Lycium and Datura) in Australian Journal of Botany vol. 24 and Gilbert Dashorst in Flora of South Australia (1986). Gilbert also painted the illustrations used from D.E. Symon’s (1994) Kangaroo Apples.

Line drawings by M. Perkins and R. Roden of members of tribe Anthocercideae have also been reproduced from L. Haegi’s unpublished Ph.D. thesis, Systematic and Evolutionary studies in the Australian Solanaceae. 

Again these are all attributed in the captions. 

Many thanks to all who have contributed illustrations or images to this project.

Web images

Links to a considerable number of images of species belonging to Solanaceae can be found on many sites. Users should be aware that images projected on the web are not necessarily correctly identified or represented by vouchers and so no responsibility can be taken by the author of this key for misidentifications and misinformation projected. Unfortunately too, linkages sometimes become out of date for a number of reasons and apologies are extended where this has happened within the fact sheets presented here.

The Australian Plant Image Index maintained by the Australian National Botanic Gardens and National Herbarium in Canberra can be searched by family. Many of the images seen in the fact sheets are represented in the fact sheets of the keys presented here.

The Botanical and Experimental Garden of the Radboud University of Nijmegen pays special attention to the family of Solanaceae and maintains the most extensive ex situ plant collection of non-tuberous Solanaceae species in the world. The Solanaceae database can be accessed through this page and you can search for images as well as the availability of seed.

Links to Solanaceae species information and images can be found on the Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Centre site in Zurich, Switzerland.  

The Digital Flora of Texas Vascular Plant Image Library has links to many images of species of Solanaceae while the Pacific Islands Ecosystems at Risk (PIER) pages contain links to images and fact sheets for many weedy species of Solanaceae.

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