Electronic Flora of South Australia
Electronic Flora of South Australia
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This has been such a long project (see History) that apologies are made in advance to any who have contributed and have not personally been thanked here.

David Symon, Laurie Haegi and Phillipa Horton: their original work provided the basis for the account prepared by Rosemary Purdie and the first two listed for publication in the Flora of Australia. This work still provides much of the underlying information projected here.

Tony Bean and Austrobaileya editors: Tony’s work on updating Solanum for Queensland and northern New South Wales was made freely available for reproduction here.

Photographers and illustrators: all providers of images and illustrations, listed separately under Images and Illustrations, are sincerely thanked for their contribution to this product.

Australian Biological Resources Study: ABRS provided most of the funding for employment of R.M.Barker on these keys on 3 separate occasions. Annette Wilson and Helen Thompson provided continuity with the project, provided many of the images via Murray Fagg and the Australian National Botanic Gardens and provided a digital copy of the family treatment from volume 29 of the Flora of Australia.  Their understanding of the various delays experienced has been appreciated.

The State Herbarium of South Australia: all of the work was carried out in this institution, apart from a brief stint in the Darwin Herbarium of the Northern Territory in early 1999. Thanks to Laurie Haegi in the earliest stage of the project and to Bruce Evans and Bill Barker in the two later stages for overseeing the ABRS grants and allowing space and facilities in the herbarium. Thanks to David Symon and Laurie Haegi for their early involvement in the keys and the updating of the manuscript to include changes made between 1982 and 1999; both gave freely of their knowledge and Laurie made available a copy of his Ph.D. thesis, much of which remains unpublished; a number of the illustrations have been reproduced here. David has continued to publish in the family and has freely shared new information as it occurred.

Ilse Breitwieser and the staff of the Allan Herbarium (CHR) at Landcare in Lincoln, New Zealand, for their provision of a working space and access to a computer from February to April 2009 so that this work could be brought up to date and to a state in which it could finally be projected on the web.

Kevin Thiele and Lucid: for the final projection of the keys. Kevin has also to be thanked for his availability throughout this project. A lot has changed since 1999 and the start of this project – not the least of which is 3 editions of Lucid, the ability to now produce fact sheets, to project the keys on the web and hyperlink to other sites. Our level of understanding of how these interactive keys best operate is also more sophisticated and someone setting out now to produce a key would undoubtedly start off very differently than was done in 1999.

Rex Croft has to be thanked for his skill in the final projection of these keys on the web. Because of the length of time that had elapsed there were a number of issues which prevented this being a seamless transition and Rex’s patience in overcoming these has been very much appreciated.

Bill Barker: for some financial support of RMB during the tenure of this project – the interrupted nature of the project meant that some of the updating of the tool was done without ABRS funding – for photography of species in the field and gardens (although there are still a number of species images to be attached) and for general encouragement and support.

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