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Common names used for Hakea species

Note that these names may be very regional in their use and the same common name can often mean different species in different areas of Australia e.g. corkwood and needlewood are general terms referring to whichever of a number of possible species is found in the area concerned. One of the corkwoods (H. divaricata) is even referred to as Needlewood in Western Australia. Fan Hakea or Fan-leaved Hakea is apparently used interchangeably for H. baxteri, H. brownii or H. flabellifolia. This list is not meant to be exhaustive and nor is it meant to be definitive in the spelling or capitalization of the common names since this too is a contentious area.

Ashy Hakea = Hakea cinerea

Autumn Needlebush = Hakea megadenia

Barren Range Hakea = Hakea hookeriana

Bird Hakea = Hakea orthorrhyncha

Bird Beak Hakea = Hakea orthorrhyncha

Blue Hakea = Hakea lehmanniana

Bootlace Oak = Hakea lorea or has also been used with respect to Hakea persiehana

Bottle-brush Hakea = Hakea francisiana

Broad-leaved Hakea = Hakea dactyloides (NSW)

Broad Seeded Hakea = Hakea platysperma

Candle Hakea = Hakea ruscifolia

Cauliflower Hakea = Hakea corymbosa

Coastal Hakea = Hakea clavata

Column Hakea = Hakea aculeata

Common Hakea = Hakea arborescens

Corkbark = any of Hakea chordophylla, Hakea divaricata, Hakea ednieana, Hakea eyreana, Hakea fraseri, Hakea lorea, Hakea ivoryi, Hakea macrocarpa, Hakea pulvinifera

Corkwood = any of Hakea chordophylla, Hakea divaricata, Hakea ednieana, Hakea eyreana, Hakea fraseri, Hakea lorea, Hakea ivoryi, Hakea macrocarpa, Hakea pulvinifera

Cricket Ball Hakea = Hakea platysperma

Curved Fruit Hakea = Hakea cyclocarpa

Dagger Hakea = Hakea teretifolia

Djarnokmurd = Hakea recurva (WA)

Duck and Drake Bush = Hakea lissocarpha

Dungyn = Hakea oleifolia (WA)

Elm-seed Hakea = Hakea cycloptera

Emu Tree = Hakea francisiana

Fan Hakea = Hakea baxteri or Hakea brownii

Fan-leaved Hakea = Hakea flabellifolia

Finger Hakea = Hakea dactyloides

Flinders Range Hakea. = Hakea ednieana

Frog Hakea = Hakea nitida

Furrowed Hakea = Hakea sulcata

Furze Hakea = Hakea ulicina

Grass-leaf Hakea = Hakea multilineata

Hairy Hakea = Hakea gibbosa

Harsh Hakea = Hakea prostrata

Hedgehog Hakea. = Hakea erinacea

Honey Bush = Hakea lissocarpha

Horned Leaf Hakea = Hakea ceratophylla

Hood-leaved Hakea = Hakea cucullata

Hooked Needlewood = Hakea tephrosperma

Kangaroo Island Hakea = Hakea aenigma

Lesser-beaked Hakea = Hakea megadenia

Lesueur Hakea = Hakea megalosperma

Long-styled Hakea = Hakea lasiocarpha (previously H. dolichostyla)

Macrae’s Hakea = Hakea macraeana

Marble Hakea = Hakea incrassata

Mulloway Needle Bush = Hakea actites

Myrtle Hakea = Hakea myrtoides

Narrow-fruited Hakea = Hakea stenocarpa

Needlebush = Hakea leucoptera, Hakea lissosperma

Needle Hakea = Hakea leucoptera

Needle Tree = Hakea preissii

Needlewood = Hakea leucoptera in many cases, but also used more widely for any species with simple terete leaves

Needles and corks = Hakea obliqua or Hakea psilorrhyncha

Oval-leaf Hakea = Hakea elliptica

Pin Bush = Hakea leucoptera

Pincushion Hakea = Hakea laurina

Prickly Hakea = Hakea amplexicaulis

Rams Horn = Hakea cyclocarpa

Red Pokers = Hakea bucculenta

Ribbed Hakea = Hakea costata

Rock Hakea = Hakea gibbosa

Royal Hakea = Hakea victoria

Shell-leaved Hakea = Hakea conchifolia

Shining Hakea = Hakea nitida

Short-winged Hakea = Hakea brachyptera

Silky Hakea = Hakea sericea

Silver Needlewood = Hakea leucoptera

Small-fruit Hakea = Hakea microcarpa

Snail Hakea = Hakea cristata

Spike Hakea = Hakea ruscifolia

Standback = Hakea recurva

Swan-fruit Hakea = Hakea cygna

Sweet Hakea = Hakea drupacea

Two-leaf Hakea = Hakea trifurcata

Variable-leaved Hakea = Hakea varia

Wallum Hakea = Hakea actites

Water Tree Kulua = Hakea leucoptera

Wavy-leaved Hakea = Hakea undulata

Wedge Hakea = Hakea flabellifolia

Wild Bean = Hakea cyclocarpa

Willow Hakea = Hakea salicifolia ssp. salicifolia

Willow-leaved Hakea = Hakea salicifolia ssp. salicifolia

Willow Needlewood = Hakea macraeana

Witinti = Hakea lorea (WA)

Woolly-flowered Hakea = Hakea lasiantha

Yellow Needlebush = Hakea nodosa

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