Porter Bay. Photo: D.E. Symon 3162 D.E. Symon

Plate by G.Dashorst from D.E. Symon, Kangaroo Apples (1994) pl. 5, published by the author.

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Solanum symonii H. Eichler, Taxon 12: 296 (1963).


S. fasciculatum F. Muell., Fragm. Phytogr. Austral. 1: 123 (1859) nom. illeg.; non S. fasciculatum Vell., Fl. Flumin 1: 85 (1825); S. simile var. fasciculatum Domin, Biblioth. Bot. 89: 575 (1929), and as S. simile var. fastigiatum Domin, Feddes Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 12: 130 (1913) (orthographic error).


T: Phillips River, south-western New Holland, ? Maxwell; lecto: MEL 12398; iso: MEL, fide D.E. Symon, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 4: 88 (1981).


Erect shrub to 2 m, green, glabrous except for minute simple and glandular hairs on growing points, calyx and corolla apices, and occasional stout conical hairs on lower mid-veins of younger leaves. Prickles absent.  

Lobed leaves ovate-lanceolate; lamina 10-18 cm long, 3-8 cm wide, concolorous, shallowly lobed; petiole 2-3 cm long. Entire leaves lanceolate to elliptic, the lamina 3-12 cm long, 5-16 mm wide, concolorous; petiole 10-15 cm long.  

Inflorescence 2-6-flowered; peduncle absent or up to 3 cm long; rachis to 5 cm long; pedicels 1-2 cm long. Calyx 4-5 mm long; lobes broadly triangular, 1.5-3 mm long. Corolla rotate, 30-40 mm diam., pale lavender-purple; lobes notched. Anthers 2-3 mm long.  

Berry ellipsoid to obovoid, 1-1.5 cm diam., green or tinged purple. Seeds 2 mm diam., greyish or reddish-brown. Stone-cell granules to 2 mm diam. n=46

Distribution and ecology

An Australian endemic, S. symonii is one of the Kangaroo Apples or subg. Archaeosolanum. It occurs in coastal regions from Geraldton, W.A., to tip ofYorke Peninsula, S.A.


Often on stabilised dunes, in sandy soil over limestone, or in gypseous soil.

Common name

Kangaroo apple


One of the Kangaroo Apples or subg. Archaeosolanum. Further information about this group of species can be found in Symon (1994).  

Closely related to S. vescum F. Muell. and to S. simile F. Muell. with which it is often confused.

Reference: Symon, D.E. (1994). Kangaroo apples: Solanum sect. Archaesolanum. Published by the author:Keswick, South Australia.


Derivation of epithet

Named for David E. Symon, author of the first major revision of Solanum for Australia since that of Bentham in the 1800s.  

Selected specimens

W.A.: 2 km E of Eucla, M.D. Crisp 955 (PERTH). S.A.: Head of Great Australian Bight, B. Copley 2729 (AD); 19 km E of Ceduna, D.E. Symon 4485 (ADW, BIRM, CANB, K, NSW, PERTH)

From the web

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