Solanum linearifolium. Flowers. Photo: M. Fagg M. Fagg

Solanum linearifolium . Fruits (Canberra, ACT). Photo: T. Low T. Low

Solanum aviculare reproduced from D.E.Symon's Kangaroo Apples (1994), plate 1. Illustrator: Gilbert Dashorst.

Solanum aviculare (Injune, Qld). G.Leiper   G.Leiper

Species and characteristics

Species of subg. Archaeosolanum are usually known as Kangaroo Apples.

There are 8 species, found only in New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand. They are united by their

Species of this group in Australia are S. aviculare, S. capsiciforme, S. laciniatum, S. linearifolium, S. simile, S. symonii and S. vescum. The 8th species, S. multivenosum, is found in the highlands of New Guinea.

For a treatment of the group as a whole see D.E.Symon (1994). Kangaroo Apples. Solanum sect. Archaeosolanum. (D.E.Symon: State Herbarium of South Australia).