Mt Ernest, Mt Maroon, Qld. Photo: G. Leiper G. Leiper

Mt Ernest, Mt Maroon, Qld. Photo: G. Leiper G. Leiper

Mt Ernest, Mt Maroon, Qld. Photo: G. Leiper G. Leiper

Line drawing by M. Szent Ivany, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 4 (1981) 236, fig. 103.

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Solanum pungetium R. Br., Prodr. 446 (1810)

T: Port Jackson area, N.S.W., 1802–1804, R. Brown s.n.; lecto: BM; iso: K, P; fide D.E. Symon, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 4: 235 (1981). An image of the lectotype can be seen on the Solanaceae Source site.


Sprawling annual or short-lived perennial herb to 1.5 m, green, pubescent with stellate hairs, the hairs sparse on upper leaf-surface, moderately dense on lower surface; prickles to 6 mm long, scattered on stems, peduncles, petioles and leaf-surfaces.  

Leaves elliptic; lamina 5–8 cm long, 2–4 cm wide, slightly discolorous, lobed; lobes obtusely triangular; petiole 10–15 mm long.  

Inflorescence 1–3–flowered; peduncle absent or very short; pedicels 2–4 cm long, slightly longer in fruit. Calyx 5–7 mm long; lobes narrowly triangular, 3–4 mm long. Corolla campanulate-rotate, 15–20 mm long, pale purple. Anthers 3–4 mm long.  

Berry globular, 25–30 mm diam., yellow; fruiting pedicel 25–50 mm long. Seeds 2.5–4 mm long, pale yellow-orange. n=12.

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Distribution and ecology

Occurs predominantly along eastern coast of N.S.W., extending into north-eastern Vic.  

Often associated with basaltic or granitic soil on hillsides or in creek-lines.

Common name

Eastern Nightshade.


Part of the S. hystrix group of subgen. Leptostemonum according to Bean (2004).

Closely related to S. prinophyllum Dunal.


Selected specimens

N.S.W.: Boyne National Park, M. Evans 2556 (CANB, NSW). Vic.: Mallacoota Inlet National Park, A.C. Beauglehole 32919 (AD, MEL).

Plant status, if any

S. pungetium is a component of the Cumberland Plain Woodland which is an endangered ecological community (see

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