Gympie, Qld. Photo: G. Leiper G. Leiper

Mt Widgee, Qld. Photo: G. Leiper G. Leiper

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Solanum gympiense Symon, Austrobaileya 4: 433–435 (1995)

T: Wide Bay District: Gundiah, Qld, 21 June 1927, C. T. White 3527; holo: BRI.

Solanum sp. 2, Fl. S.E. Qld 2: 418 (1986).


A shrub to 1 m high, unarmed, with dense indumentum of stellate hairs, central cell as long as or much longer than lateral cells, somewhat floccose, sometimes viscid, one report says plants aromatic.  

Leaves broadly elliptic, (3-) 6–12 cm long, (2.5-) 4–7 cm wide; apex acute; base rounded; margins with shallow broadly triangular to rounded lobes, more rarely undulate-sinuate; petiole (0.5-) 1.4–3.0 cm long.  

Inflorescence a short cyme of 2–6 flowers from a mid to upper internodal position; peduncle (to first flower)5–20 mm long; rachis 5–25 mm long; pedicel c. 8 mm long; calyx c. 5–7 mm long, the lobes flattened, narrow, elliptic; corolla to 3 cm diameter (few available), stellate-rotate, divided nearly halfway, the lobes broadly triangular, pubescent outside, purple blue; staminal filaments short; anthers c. 5 mm long, slender, tapered upwards, poricidal; ovary broadly conical, glabrous; style c. 6 mm long.  

Berry globular to apiculate, 5–7 mm diameter, red at maturity; calyx lobes then elliptic, 7 mm long, 2.5–3 mm wide flattened, sub-leafy. Seeds irregularly discoid or flattened and sub-triangular to sub-reniform in outline, 2–2.5 mm long, minutely reticulate.

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Distribution and ecology

South-eastern Qld with most collections from between Rosedale and Cooroy but with an interesting disjunction in the Carnarvon Range area and south-westward towards Mitchell.


The species is closely related to S. densevestitum F. Muell. from which it differs in its broadly elliptic leaves, shallow leaf lobing generally present and the presence of a peduncle bearing several flowers. There may also be a slight difference in fruit shape but this requires more field work to confirm.

Treated as part of the S. densevestitum group of the subg. Leptostemonum (Bean 2004), together with S. densevestitum, S. hapalum, S. innoxium, S. johnsonianum, S. nemophilum and S. ultimum .

Distinctive within the S. densevestitum group of subgen. Leptostemonum by its gland-tipped stellate hairs and lobing of the adult leaves.

Derivation of epithet

The epithet gympiense is a reference to the Qld town of Gympie and the area in which it occurs naturally.


Selected specimens

QLD: LEICHHARDT DISTRICT:  crest ofCarnarvon Range, Mar 1960, R.Johnson 1451 (BRI).  PORT CURTIS DISTRICT : Rosedale, Mar 1931, Dovey K5 (BRI). MARANOA DISTRICT: ‘Claravale’, May 1962, R.Johnson 2440 (BRI); The Tombs, Maranoa River, c. 110 km NW of Injune, Jun 1977, M.Crisp 3113 (AD, BRI, CANB); 1.5 km SW of ‘Kilmorey’ HS, May 1982, Neldner & Thomas 627, 633 (BRI). WIDE BAY DISTRICT: Woondum, Oct 1917, Moore (BRI); Gundiah, Jun 1927, C.T.White 3528 (BRI); c. 6 miles [10 km] NW of Tiaro, Apr 1959, Ridley s.n. (BRI); 8 km SSW of Howard, Jan 1987, P.I.Forster 2855 (AD, BRI); Clifton Range, S.F. 676, 11 km N of Brooweena, Apr 1992, P.I.Forster PIF9694 (BRI); Veteran S.F., N of Gympie, Oct 1993, A.R.Bean 6706 (BRI); S.F.832, Cordalba S.F., c. 19.5 km SE of Gin Gin, Nov 1995, Sparshott KMS660 (BRI); S.F.1294 Parish of Doongul, c. 27 km S of Childers, May 1996, Sparshott KMS837 & Shewell (AD, BRI); c. 3 km SE of Fairlies Knob, Seaview Range, May 2000, Phillips 391 (BRI); S.F.940, 10 km SW of Bauple, Mar 2002, A.R.Bean 18555 (A, BRI, CANB, K, MEL, MO, PRE).

Specimens cited in Bean (2004) 

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