Unpublished illustration by Fiona James (AD).

Archer 29099 collection in AD.

Closer view of Archer 29099 collection in AD.


Grammosolen sp. Mt Ridley (W.Archer 2909916) is a manuscript name for a species which has yet to be officially described by L. Haegi. This name is in use in FloraBase as Grammosolen sp. Mt Ridley (W.R. Archer 1210911)


Spreading shrub 0.6-2 m high and 2 m diam., grey-green. Branches densely tomentose, sparser with age.

Leaves broadly ovate to orbicular, sub-sessile or with petiole to 2.2 mm long, 2.5-7 mm long, 2.6-10 mm wide, densely tomentose, entire.

Inflorescence 1–2–flowered, in upper axils of short or long branchlets, not spike-like; pedicels 0.3-0.5 mm long, densely tomentose with eglandular hairs. Calyx 2.0-2.5 mm long, densely tomentose. Corolla 5.5-6.0 mm long, pubescent outside, papillose inside; lobes 2-2.5 mm long, 1.2-1.4 mm wide. Stamens 3-3.3 and 2.5-2.7 mm long.

 Capsule globose, 2.5–3.0 mm long. Seeds c. 2 mm long.

Adapted from L. Haegi's manuscript description, June 2006.

Distribution and ecology

Known only from a few collections from NW of Esperance in Western Australia.

Occurs in red sandy loam soils with associated species recorded as Eucalyptus platycorys, Beyeria leschenaultia, Coopernookia strophiolata and Prostanthera microphylla. Flowering specimens have been collected in September and February.


This new taxon of Grammosolen is the first record of the genus from Western Australia.

It can easily be distinguished from G. dixonii by the non-overlapping of the leaves along the stem.

From G. truncatus it is less easily distinguished except that it is usually smaller in many of its parts. Thus the leaves are 2.5- 7 mm long compared with 5-18 mm for G. truncatus, corolla lobes are 2-2.5 mm long compared with (2.5)3.5-6 mm long and the style 1.5-2.5 mm long compared with 2.9-4 mm long for G. truncatus.

Pharmacology: A discussion of the tropane alkaloids which occur in Grammosolen and other Anthocercideae can be found in Griffith & Lin (2000). Results showed this genus to be most closely related to nicotine-free species of Cyphanthera.

Ref: W.J. Griffin & G.D. Lin (2000). Chemotaxonomy and geographical distribution of tropane

alkaloids. Phytochemistry 53: 627–628.

Selected specimens

W.A.: 20 km NNW of Mt Buraminya, 56 km NW of Mt Ragged, W.R.Archer 2909916 (AD, 2 dupl.); Small elevated island in the eastern half of Lake Halbert, W.R.Archer 1702903 (AD, 1 dupl).


Images and information on web

Further information for this species in WA can be found on the FloraBase site.

Plant status (if any)

As Grammosolen sp. Mt Ridley (W.R.Archer 1210911) declared as Priority 1 - Poorly known based on Atkins (2008). See

Atkins, K.J. (2008). Declared Rare and Priority Flora List for Western Australia, 26 February 2008. (Dept of Environment and Conservation: Como, W.A.).