Herbarium specimen (AD), collected from a home garden in Adelaide by D. Symon.

More detail of herbarium specimen of Browallia americana .


*Browallia americana L., Sp. Pl. 2: 631 (1753)

T: "Habitat in America australi."; lectotype = "Browallia" image in Linnaeus, Hort. Cliff., 319, t. 17, 1738 found in Herb. Clifford (BM) fide Stearn in Introd. Linnaeus' Sp. Pl. (Ray Soc. ed.) p. 47 (1957).

W.G.D'Arcy's original selection of a Clifford sheet in BM (Ann. Misouri Bot. Gard. 60: 578 (1973) and cited in the Flora of Australia treatment is predated by that of Stearn.

See the Linnaean Plant Name Typification Project pages for further details and for an image of the type illustration.


Erect herb, sparsely to densely pubescent.

 Leaves ovate; lamina up to 7 cm long, 5 cm wide; petiole 5–10 mm long.

 Flowers in upper axils; pedicels 2–5 mm long. Calyx 10–12 mm long, sometimes smaller, strongly angled; lobes 1.5–4 mm long. Corolla white or shades of purple-blue, often with contrasting centre; tube 15–20 mm long, swollen on one side in region of anthers; limb 10–15 mm diam., the lobes shallow. Upper pair of stamens attached to rim of corolla-tube and incurved over mouth, short, broad; lower pair attached in tube, longer, slender, the apices inverted. Stigma elaborately expanded, flattened between the two pairs of anthers.

 Capsule erect, 5–6 mm long. Seeds 0.75–1 mm long, dark brown.

Distribution and ecology

Known only from Dayborough, Qld as a naturalised plant, although it is sometimes found in gardens. This record dates from 1934. It is a native of tropical America but sparingly naturalised in many parts of the world.

 First recorded as naturalised in Australia as B. demissa L. by C.T. White, Proc. Roy. Soc. Queensland 47: 73 (1936), when described as a weed hard to eradicate. No subsequent collections have been made.

Common name

Jamaican forget-me-not

Selected specimens

Qld: Dayborough, H. Mead (BRI 232459); Paluma, A. R. Bean (BRI).


Derivation of epithet

The species epithet reflects the location of the type collection.

Images and information on web

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