Habitat and habit. Photo: Anon. ANBG

Flowers (Glenmorgan, Qld). Photo: M. Fagg ANBG

Habit (Rolleston, Qld). Image reproduced with permission from Japan Tobacco Inc. from The genus Nicotiana illustrated (1994).

Seed of N. megalosiphon ssp. megalosiphon (AD voucher unknown). Photo Bob Baldock.

Distribution map of the species generated from Australia's Virtual Herbarium, May 2006.


Nicotiana megalosiphon Van Heurck & Muell. Arg. in Van Heurck, Obs. Bot. 126 (1870) subsp. megalosiphon 

T: Port Curtis, Qld, coll. unknown; n.v. 

N. suaveolens var. longiflora Benth., Fl. Austral. 4: 470 (1868), fide K. Domin, Biblioth. Bot. 89: 592 (1929) and P. Horton, J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 3: 47 (1981) 

T: Interior Qld and N.S.W., coll. unknown; n.v.


Herb to 90 cm, densely pubescent with glandular hairs.  

Leaves radical and cauline or mostly radical, usually all petiolate; lower leaves elliptic to ovate, the upper cauline ones lanceolate to linear; lamina up to 17 cm long; petiole to 9 cm long, usually narrowly winged.

Inflorescence panicle-like, few-branched. Calyx 10–20 mm long. Corolla-tube 35–95 mm long, to 2.5 mm wide at top of calyx; limb 15–35 mm diam., the lobes usually notched. Upper 4 anthers at about same level, their filaments to 2 mm long; filament of 5th stamen 1.5–11 mm long, inserted in upper half of corolla-tube.  

Capsule ovoid-ellipsoid, 7–16 mm long. Seeds reniform or acutely angled; seed testa wrinkled or irregularly honeycombed. n=20.

Distribution and ecology

Widespread in central and south-eastern Qld and northern N.S.W.  

Grows in sand, loam or clay, in Acacia and Eucalypt woodland, often in disturbed areas.


Distinct from subsp. sessilifolia by the leaves all petiolate and not stem-clasping and the seed testa being irregularly honeycombed or wrinkled.

Closely related to N. simulans N. Burb. with which depauperate specimens may be confused.

May be poisonous to cattle and sheep.

According to Pandey (1969) this species has flowers which are self-compatible.

Reference: Pandey, K. K. (1969) Elements of the S-gene complex V. Interspecific cross-compatibility relationships and theory of the evolution of the S complex. Genetica 40, 447-474.


A valuable summary of the cultural use of Nicotiana species in Australia is provided in D.E.Symon (2005). Native tobaccos (Solanaceae: Nicotiana spp.) in Australia and their use by Aboriginal peoples. The Beagle 21: 1-10.

Selected specimens

Qld: near Aramac, N.T. Burbidge 5525 (AD); Hannaford, L. Pedley 764 (BRI, CANB). N.S.W.: near Brewarrina, J. Thompson 1118 (NSW).


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