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Family: Compositae
Senecio odoratus

Citation: Hornem., Hort. Hafn. 2:809 ( 1815).

Synonymy: Cacalia odorata Desf., Cat. Hort. Paris 400 (1829). , Senecio odoratus

Common name: Scented groundsel.

Erect glabrous or sparsely hairy perennial undershrub, 50-170 cm high; stems generally stout, basally woody; leaves variable in size and shape, narrowly to broadly oblanceolate to obovate, 5-14 x 0.5-5.5 cm, acute to obtuse distally, usually narrowed or subpetiolate basally and then widened with conspicuous stem-clasping auricles; margins often recurved, denticulate or toothed, rarely entire, coriaceous or somewhat fleshy; adaxially glabrous or glabrescent, usually glaucous, with impressed intricately reticulated venation; abaxially glabrous or sparsely cobwebby, lighter in colour with the midrib and lateral veins usually raised; upper leaves reduced, linear to ovate-deltoid, subentire.

Capitula 50-400 in congested terminal corymbose panicles, rarely fewer in a lax terminal panicle; involucre cylindrical, 5-7 x 2-3.5 mm; bracts c. 8, 4-5 mm long; florets 10-14 rarely 16, exserted 3-4 mm beyond the involucre at anthesis.

Achenes subcylindrical, light-yellow or brown, 2-2.5 mm long; hairs short, appressed, in broad rows over the grooves; pappus deciduous, dimorphic.

Distribution:  S.Aust.: FR, EA, EP, NL, MU, SL, KI, SE.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: No flowering time is available

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