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Family: Papaveraceae
Papaver setigerum

Citation: DC. in Lam. & DC., Fl. Franc. 6:585 (1815).

Synonymy: P. somniferum L. var. setigerum (DC.)Elkan, Tent. Mon. Gen. Pap. 30 (1839); P. somniferum L. subsp, setigerum (DC.)Corbière, Nouv. Fl. Normand. 30 (1893).

Common name: Small-flowered) opium poppy.

Dense rosette with the erect inflorescence often much branched so that the plant becomes a shrub to 60 cm high, with scattered stiff bristles to almost glabrous; basal leaves obovate, rarely oblanceolate, 5-18 cm long, tapering into a petiole-like base less than a quarter of the length, pinnatipartite with the lobes half the width of the entire part of the blade, coarsely toothed, usually with a few bristles along the main vein on the lower surface; cauline leaves sessile, ovate, 3-10 cm long, clasping and often lobed at the base, shallowly lobed and toothed.

Pedicels with erect and usually appressed bristles; sepals with few bristles to glabrous; petals usually pale-purple with a darker spot at the base.

Capsule usually almost globose, glabrous; seeds dark-brown, with reticulations often in rows.

image of FSA1_Papaver_set.jpg Papaver setigerum
Image source: fig 204f in Jessop J.P. & Toelken H.R. (Ed.) 1986. Flora of South Australia (4th edn).

Published illustration: Cunningham et al. (1982) Plants of western New South Wales, p. 314.

Distribution:    N.S.W.; Vic.; Tas.   Widespread throughout the Mediterranean region.

Conservation status: naturalised

Flowering time: Sept. — Dec.

SA Distribution Map based
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State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: Distinguished from the true opium poppy (P. somniferum L.) mainly by the bristle-pointed lobes of the leaves.

Author: Not yet available

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