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Veronica peregrina

Citation: L., Sp.Pl. 14 (1753) subsp. xalapensis (Kunth)Pennell, Torreya 19:167 (1919).

Synonymy: V. xalapensis Kunth in Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth, Nov. Gen. Sp. Pl. 2:389 (1818).

Common name: Wandering speedwell. (Ilk Cunningham et al. (1982) Plants of western New South Wales, p. 602.)

Annual 3-30 cm high, densely glandular-pubescent, the hairs spreading, straight and of even length, the erect stem simple or with ascending branches forming at the lower nodes, flowering at all but the lowest nodes; leaves connected across the node by a ridge, spathulate to narrow-oblong, 7-12 x I-3 mm, entire or sparingly serrulate.

Racemes terminal, spike-like, 10-30-flowered, the bracts narrow-oblong to linear, leaf-like at the base, shortening higher up, longer than the flowers, the pedicels 1-2 mm long; sepals narrow-elliptic to oblong, 1.5-2.5 mm long, lengthening to 3 mm in fruit; corolla white, the lobes shorter than the calyx, 1-1.5 mm long; anthers 0.25-0.3 mm long; ovary glandular-puberulent, with stigma subsessile, 0.2-0.25 mm diam.

Capsule loculicidal and partly septicidal, greatly compressed, transverse-obovate, 2.5-3.7 x 3-4.5 mm, glandular-pubescent, the apex truncate with a small notch exceeding the c. 0.2 mm long style.

Distribution:  In damp or seasonally inundated fiver flats or creek margins.

  W.Aust.; N.S.W.; Vic.; Tas.   Native to the Americas.

Conservation status: naturalised

Flowering time: Sept. — Nov.

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Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: The subspecific status of records in other States has not been determined.

Author: Not yet available

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