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Family: Compositae

Citation: L., Sp. Pl. 887 (1753).

Derivation: After the Etruscan deity Tages, who sprang from a ploughed furrow, because some species are ruderal weeds.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Aromatic annual and perennial herbs; leaves cauline, mostly opposite, flat, pinnatifid pinnatisect or pinnate, gland-dotted.

Capitula in cymose inflorescences, pedunculate, radiate, heterogamous; involucres narrowly cylindrical; bracts connate, herbaceous, uniseriate, equal; receptacle flat, naked, pitted; ray florets few, female, uniseriate, ligulate, fertile; disk florets bisexual, fertile, tubular; anthers truncate to sagittate at the base, with an acute ovate appendage at the apex; style branches all similar, flattened, truncate, papillose.

Achenes all similar, linear, 4-angled, slightly flattened; pappus of scales, often with one or more awns.

Distribution:  About 50 species in North and South America, 1 naturalised in Australia; the genus also includes the garden marigold.

Biology: No text

Author: Not yet available

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