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Family: Umbelliferae

Citation: Hill, Brit. Herb. 424 (1756).

Derivation: Greek petroslinon, probably parsley; from petra, rock; selinon, some umbelliferous plant.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Slender glabrous annuals or biennials, with tap-roots; stems erect, branched; leaves petiolate, 1-3-pinnate, with the ultimate divisions ovate to linear, toothed or lobed; petioles sheathing.

Umbels pedunculate, terminal and axillary; involucre absent or of a few inconspicuous bracts; rays few to numerous; involucel of several linear bracteoles, shorter than the pedicels; pedicels numerous, spreading; sepals absent or minute; petals yellow, greenish-yellow or white, broad-obovate, with a narrower inflexed apex; styles short, spreading; stylopodium low-conical.

Fruit ovoid to oblong, laterally flattened; carpophore 2-sect, persistent; mericarps with 5 prominent filiform ribs; vittae solitary between the ribs, 2 at the commissure.

Distribution:  About 5 species in Europe.

Biology: No text

Author: Not yet available

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