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Family: Iridaceae
Orthrosanthus multiflorus

Citation: Sweet, Fl. Austr. t. 11 (1827).

Synonymy: Eveltria multiflora (Sweet)Raf., Fl. Tellur. 4:30 (1838); Sisyrinchium multiflorum (Sweet) Steudel, Nom. Bot. 2:596 (1841); S. cyaneum Lindley, Edwards' Bot. Reg. 13:t. 1090 (1827).

Common name: Morning flag.

Tufted perennial 30-60 cm high; leaves 16-50 cm long, 2-5 mm wide, glabrous, finely striate, with scarious brown overlapping margins at the base.

Inflorescence few-branched, with 2-4 stem bracts 2-8 cm long, each subtending 1 sessile and 1-4 pedunculate clusters of 3-7 flowers enclosed by paired spathes; spathe bracts ovate to oblong, 12-20 mm long, subequal, with broad scarious margins and apices; flowers separated by hyaline bracteoles 10-15 mm long; perianth-segments obovate, obtuse, 12-20 mm long, 6-10 mm wide, sky-blue; filaments c. 5 mm long, connate for 1-2 mm; anthers 2.5-3 mm long, bright-yellow; style branches 4-5 mm long, blue, with 2-lobed stigmas.

Capsule acuminate, 15-20 mm long, on a pedicel to 2 mm; seeds c. 2 mm diam., wrinkled, brown.

Published illustration: Innes (1985) The world of Iridaceae, t. 160.

Distribution:  In heath and stunted mallee on coastal dunes and limestone.

S.Aust.: EP, SL, KI.   W.Aust.; Vic.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: Aug. — Nov.

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