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Electronic Flora of South Australia species Fact Sheet

Family: Orchidaceae
Leporella fimbriata

Citation: A.S. George, Nuytsia 1:183 (1971).

Synonymy: Leptoceras timbriarum Lindley, Sketch Veg. Swan Riv. Col. liii (1840); Caladenia fimbriata (Lindley) Reichb. f., Beitr. Syst. Pfi. 65 (1871); Eriochilus fimbriatus (Lindley) F. Muell., Wing's South Sci. Rec. 2:152 (1882). , Leptoceras fimbriata

Common name: Fringed hare-orchid.

Very slender, 15-20 cm high.

Flowers 1-3, reddish or yellowish-brown, on slender pedicels, a floral rudiment often included within the uppermost flower bract; dorsal sepal c. 9 mm long; petals longer than the other segments, c. 11 mm; labellum greenish, with reddish-brown pubescent spots, c. 9 mm wide and c. 5 mm long; column 6-6.5 mm.

Published illustration: Fitzgerald (1888) Australian orchids vol. 2, pt 4 as Leptoceras fimbriatum; Cady & Rotherham (1970) Australian native orchids in colour, pl. 55 as Leploceras timbriatum; Hoffman & Brown (1984) Orchids of south-west Australia, pp. 184 & 186.

Distribution:  Forms small to quite extensive colonies in sandy soils in light forest or heathland and flowering more prolifically after bushfires.

S.Aust.: EP, NL, MU, YP, SL, KI, SE.   W.Aust.; Vic.; Tas.

Conservation status: native

Flowering time: April — June.

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specimens held in the
State Herbarium of South Australia

Biology: Pollinated by sexually attracted winged male ants.

Author: Not yet available

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