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Family: Goodeniaceae

Citation: R. Br. Prod. Fl. Nov. Holl. 581 (1810).

Derivation: After Jean-Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour, 1773-1826, botanist on the 1800-1804 Baudin expedition to Australia.

Synonymy: Latouria (Endl.)Lindley, Veg. Kingd. 695 (1846), based on Lechenaultia sect. Latouria Endl., Gen. Pl. 508 (1838). Previously incorrectly spelt Leschenaultia.

Common name: Leschenaultias.

Glabrous rigid shrubs; stems terete, striate, divaricately branched; leaves (in S. Aust.) linear-terete or reduced to scales subtending green branchlets; inflorescence loosely cymose or spicate; bracteoles absent.

Flowers sessile or almost so, strongly zygomorphic, epigynous; sepals 5, free above the hypanthium; corolla split to the base posteriorly, glabrous outside, pilose inside; lobes unequal, the 2 posterior shorter, narrowly winged near the apex, the 3 anterior longer and broadly winged; auricles absent; stamens epigynous; anthers loosely cohering in a tube around the style; style simple, straight, shorter than the corolla, indusium 2-labiate, glabrous; stigma entire; ovary 2-celled, with several ovules arranged in 2 rows on each side of the dissepiment.

Fruit an elongated capsule; seeds each enclosed in a bony endocarp, endospermic.

Distribution:  About 20 species in Australia, most endemic to W.Aust. (K. Krause (1912) Pflanzenr. 54:97-109.)

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Leaves reduced to scales 1-3 mm long
L. divaricata 1.
1. Leaves linear, 1-3 cm long
L. striata 2.

Author: Not yet available

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