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Family: Convolvulaceae

Citation: L., Sp. Pl. 159 (1753).

Derivation: Greek ips, mistakenly supposed by Linnaeus to mean the bindweed: homoe, like.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: Morning-glories.

Perennial herbs or shrubs witb trailing or twining stems, rarely erect; leaves entire to deeply lobed.

Inflorescence axillary, with solitary flowers or cymose, bracteolate: sepals 5, free; corolla funnel-shaped entire to slightly 5-lobed, folded in the bud. mid-petaline bands distinct and glabrous or hairy: stamens 5, enclosed or exserted: filaments hairy towards the base: pollen spinulose: ovary glabrous, rarely pilose, 2- or 3-celled, with 2 ovules per cell; style 1, with a capitate or 2-globular stigma.

Capsule globular to ovoid, dehiscing longitudinally into 4-6 valves, rarely splitting irregularly or indehiscent: seeds usually 4 to 6, glabrous or hairy.

Distribution:  A tropical to warm temperate genus of about 500 species, about 45 species native to and/or naturalised in Australia.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Leaves palmarely divided to the base
I. cairica 1.
1. Leaves entire or lobed
2. Corolla more than 3 cm long; peduncle long, exceeding the pedicel
3. Sepals more than 15 mm long, hairy; ovary 3-celled
I. indica 3.
3. Sepals less than 15 mm long, glabrous; ovary 2-celled
I. muelleri 5.
2. Corolla less than 3 cm long; peduncle shorter than the pedicel, often more or less absent
4. Erect or decumbent herb; corolla pink, glabrous
I. polymorpha 6.
4. Stems twining or trailing; corolla white
5. Sepals and corolla glabrous; stems coarse, glabrous, trailing
I. diamantinensis 2.
5. Sepals ciliate; mid-petaline band hairy; plants hairy
6. Stems twining; leaves cordate
I. racemigera 7.
6. Stems trailing, leaves attenuate or rounded at the base
I. lonchophylla 4.

Author: Not yet available

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