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Family: Compositae

Citation: Greuter, Exsicc. Genav. 4:71 (1973).

Derivation: After M. Dittrich, b. 1934, German botanist.

Synonymy: Inula L., Sp. Pl. 881 (1753), partly.

Common name: None

Annual herbs; vestiture sticky, aromatic, of glandular hairs; stems terete, branched and leafy; leaves flat, alternate, cauline and in a basal rosette.

Capitula terminal and axillary, subsessile in a loose leafy panicle, heterogamous, shortly radiate; involucres campanulate; bracts herbaceous to scarious, imbricate in 3 or 4 unequal series; receptacle flat, naked; ray florets uniseriate, female, fertile, shortly ligulate, yellow; disk florets bisexual, fertile, tubular, 4-merous, yellow; anthers tailed at the base with acute terminal appendages; style branches lanceolate, papillose.

Achenes all similar, terete, abruptly contracted below the pappus, pubescent; pappus of barbellate bristles, uniseriate, very shortly connate.

Distribution:  2 species in the Mediterranean region, one a widespread weed introduced in Australia.

Biology: No text

Author: Not yet available

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