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Electronic Flora of South Australia genus Fact Sheet

Family: Convolvulaceae

Citation: L., Sp. Pl. 153 (1753).

Derivation: Latin name of some bindweed; from convolvere, to roll together or entwine.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Perennials, rarely annuals, with trailing or twining stems rarely erect; leaves entire to deeply lobed, often hastate or sagittate.

Inflorescence axillary, bracteolate, cymose, with 1 to few flowers or rarely in dense heads; sepals 5, free; corolla funnel-shaped or campanulate, entire to slightly 5-lobed, mid-petaline bands hairy, rarely glabrous; stamens 5; filaments terete above, flattened and dilated downwards, tuberculate at the base; pollen smooth; ovary 2-celled with 2 ovules per cell; style 1, with 2 linear or oblong stigmas.

Capsule ovoid to globular, dehiscing longitudinally into 4 valves or opening irregularly; seeds usually 4, often verrucose, usually glabrous.

Distribution:  Mainly temperate and subtropical genus of c. 250 species, 4 native to and 1 naturalised in Australia.

Biology: No text

Key to Species:
1. Leaves with only basal lobes, terminal lobe entire
2. Calyx less than 3 mm long, glabrous
C. sp. A. 4.
2. Calyx 3-6 mm long, glabrous or hairy
3. Plants with appressed hairs; sepals sericeous, apiculate
C. remotus 3.
3. Plants glabrous or with ascending hairs; sepals glabrous or sparsely hairy, rounded to retuse
C. arvensis 1.
1. Leaves serrate or lobed, or if with 2 pairs of basal lobes then hairs ascending not appressed
4. Leaves serrate or shallowly ,lobed, with hairs dense and more or less appressed
C. sp. B. 5.
4. Leaves usually deeply lobed; hairs erect or ascending
C. erubescens 2.

Author: Not yet available

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