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Family: Valerianaceae

Citation: Necker ex Lam. & DC., Fl. Franc. 3, 4:238 (1805).

Derivation: Greek kentron, spur; anthos, flower; alluding to the spurred corolla.

Synonymy: Not Applicable

Common name: None

Annual or perennial herbs with leaves entire to pinnatisect, petiolate to spathulate at the base becoming sessile and more or less stem-clasping below the inflorescence.

Inflorescence a rounded to elongate thyrse loosely branching into usually a number of dichasia with sessile flowers; bracts scalelike; calyx with a short tube surmounted by 10-23 linear feather-like lobes being rolled in when flowering and visible only in fruit; corolla with a slender tube 3-5 times longer than the lobes, with a spur, with a posterior lobe somewhat longer; stamens 1, with filaments inserted in the throat of the corolla tube; ovary inferior, with a slender style and a terminal stigma entire or with 3 branches.

Fruit dry, surmounted by inrolled plumose calyx lobes, scarcely ridged where 2 cells were aborted.

Distribution:  About 12 species from Europe and the Mediterranean.

Biology: No text

Taxonomic notes: In older literature the spelling Kentranthus is often found but the above original spelling in the first valid publication must be retained.

Key to Species:
1. Annuals; leaves serrate to upper ones basally pinnatipartite; spur c. 1 mm long
C. macrosiphon 1.
1. Perennials; leaves entire to some upper ones basally toothed; spur 4-8 mm long
C. ruber 2.

Author: Not yet available

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